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SMS / Text Details


Reach your customers and clients right where they are. Everything you need to message your subscribers list with information, events, specials, coupons, etc. Get subscribers from Facebook, on your website, via QR Code, using Keywords, etc. When your customers read their text messages, YOU NEED TO BE THERE!

Pricing: $87.00 / mo. Includes 3000 messages. Need more? $25 per 1000 texts. Bulk discounts.

SMS / Text APP

The perfect companion to the SMS Text Marketing platform. We make everything simple, including your text marketing. You and your team can send a message to all your subscribers wherever you are. This app connects you to all your customers instantly. No need to login to a website, just click and send. Have a power buy, a deli special, a today only deal, or an event coming? Let your customers know with one click. When your customers need to know, YOU NEED TO BE THERE!

Pricing: Included with Text / SMS Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easily can I send my customers a message?2022-09-12T10:27:53-04:00

Glad you asked. This is one of our pride and joys. We developed an app with a simple box and a button. All you do is press the Text Icon.  Enter your message. Then press submit. It truly is as simple as 1. 2. 3.

How do you help our store get subscribers?2022-09-12T10:25:02-04:00

Many different ways. We run promotions on your Facebook to gain subscribers quickly. We run bot promotions to encourage friends and family sign ups. We add banners to your social media outlets promoting sign up. We send you instore signage using QR Codes and text Keyword to join. We upload banners to your website. We email current subscribers on your email program. We have many ways to help you get signups. Let’s discuss.

Is text considered spam or can I get in trouble?2022-09-12T10:20:56-04:00

Not with our program, because the customer is required to actually sign up from their phone and confirm.

How fast does a message go out to my base?2022-09-12T10:19:25-04:00

Immediately, unlike print.

Can I send a coupon to my text base?2022-09-12T10:18:25-04:00

Yes and there are a couple ways we can do that.

What if I grow my base to many thousands of customers, is this going to go up in price?2022-09-12T10:17:27-04:00

Lets hope we have this discussion. Actually, as you grow, the per text investment decreases, for example, once you achieve 10,000 customers the per text decreases to 1.9 cents per. thereafter.

Is there a long term contract?2022-09-12T10:16:21-04:00

No, No contract at all, cancel anytime.

Can I send photos or videos?2022-09-12T10:13:55-04:00

Yes, No Problem.

Can I send my weekly ad via text?2022-09-12T10:13:13-04:00

Yes, it’s easy.

Is text messaging expensive?2022-09-12T10:11:07-04:00

Text messaging itself is not expensive, for instance, our platform is 2.5 cents per text, far less than direct mail. Text programs become more expensive if you incorporate kiosks at the registers or try to embed into a loyalty program, but there is no need for that with our program , as we provide numerous in store and out of store methods to gain customers.

Do customers read text messages from my store?2022-09-12T10:11:40-04:00

The current open rate for SMS text messages is 98%, far above any other means of engaging customers.

Bundle Deals

YES... You Get All Of This For That!


  • Full Website – See Website Previewer
  • Grocery Website Switcher
  • Domain Name –
  • 1 Personalized Email [email protected]
  • Live Page Editor
  • Full Screen Weekly Circular
  • Digital Employment Application
  • Email Marketing Tools
  • Instore / Distribution Center Coupons Generator
  • Search Engine Optimization Tools
  • Fast Client Support

Full Service Plus

  • Website + Maintenance + Management
  • Grocery Website Switcher. 30 pre-designed customizable full grocery websites available – NEW
  • Domain Name –
  • 5 Personalized Email [email protected] – NEW
  • Live Page Editor – NEW
  • Full Screen Weekly Circular – NEW
  • SMS Text Marketing – 2000 Texts – NEW
  • Text Marketing APP – NEW
  • Email Marketing Management – NEW
  • Email Weekly ad to customers
  • Social Media Daily Posts
  • Grocery Bot Facebook Promotions – NEW
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Post Weekly Ad On Website and Facebook
  • Digital Employment Application
  • Recipe Module. Works with Shopping List – NEW
  • Instore / Warehouse Coupon Generator. Works with Shopping List – NEW
  • Shopping List – NEW
  • Download Website as an APP – NEW
  • Google Analytics Displayed in Control Panel – NEW
  • Google business places review and makeover – NEW
  • Update Website and Facebook for Holiday Themes – NEW
  • QR code + QR Marketing Materials – NEW
  • Fast Client Support – NEW