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Yes. It really is this easy. See below:

Grind Log Pro App

Grind Log Pro is EASIER and FASTER than anything you currently use to log beef grinds, and it is compliant with the USDA FSIS Grind Log Law. The only way to make this any easier is to come press the scan button for you! This was designed to do the work for you. One Click Live Barcode Scanning. One Click Save To Grind. One Click Clean Logs.

Speed Test and Compare Cost against anything you currently use to log grinds. Quit paying them to manually log grinds. Pay them to work for you.

PRICING: $364.00 / yr. Less than $1.00 a day for your entire meat department.

  • You don’t need documentation for this.
  • Works on any device.
  • One Click Live Barcode Scanner.
  • One Click Save to Grind.
  • One Click Clean Log

One Click Barcode Scanning

One Click Grind Log Save

One Click Clean Log Save

Grind Log Pro App Works On Any Device


You can relax because it works with any device in the Android and iPhone line with an 8mp camera or above. Yes, even works with iPods. Not to mention, it works on Android Tablets and iPads.


You can get reports on any Apple or Windows device including Computers, Laptops, Tablets and Phones.


You can use cell service if you want, but you don’t have to, because just occasional WIFI works too. Yes, Grind Log Pro saves grinds to your device even if it is not currently connected to WIFI. It will upload the grinds as soon as it reconnects.

Single Store Control Panel

In the simple store control panel you can add and remove employees, check reports, print, and even save as PDF. This easy control panel can be accessed from any device or computer.

Multiple Store Group Control Panel

If you have multiple stores you will love this feature! It has all the features of the Single Store Control Panel with the added ability to access all of your stores grind log reports from one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there documentation for Grind Log Pro?2022-09-14T08:58:16-04:00

You don’t need documentation for this. But just in case you absolutely need documentation for personal reasons we made up a short page just for you.  There are only a few button clicks. Grind Log Pro is designed to do it for you.

What if my wifi is spotty where this is used?2022-09-14T08:56:25-04:00

Not to worry. Grind Log Pro saves grinds to your device even if it is not currently connected to WIFI. It will upload the grinds as soon as it reconnects. You can use cell service as well.

What if I have more than one store?2022-09-14T08:55:09-04:00

You will need 1 subscription for each store, as each store is required to keep separate reports for the USDA.

How long to we have to store our reports?2022-09-14T08:54:22-04:00

The Server stores them indefinitely, but at present the USDA requires 1 year.

Is the app easy to use?2022-09-14T08:52:59-04:00

Yes! Super Easy and Fast! Many stores have mentioned its the easiest and fastest software on the market period. We designed it to meet the USDA requirements and nothing more.

Is the app compliant with the USDA Grind Log Law?2022-09-14T08:52:18-04:00

Yes. We consulted and had several meetings with the USDA when we developed Grind Log Pro. After 5 years and hundreds of stores using Grind Log Pro, many USDA inspectors are familiar with the app.

Where do I download the app?2022-09-14T08:51:03-04:00

Just choose your store and click!

Do I need to configure anything to connect to this?2022-09-14T08:49:06-04:00

No. There is nothing for you to configure. This app comes pre-configured and talks to our servers without you needing to do anything.

Do I need to purchase hardware or devices?2022-09-14T08:48:20-04:00

No. The app was designed to work on any device. A few stores use a spare tablet, iPad, or device as a dedicated device that just stays in the meat dept.

What if the USDA walks in and wants to see our reports?2022-09-14T08:46:46-04:00

You are provided with a simple to access owner login that pulls up your reports from anywhere at anytime. The reports can also be printed or saved and emailed.

Can we use more than one device?2022-09-14T08:45:53-04:00

Yes. Your app login is exclusive to your store, and you can have as many different employee devices logged in as needed at no extra charge.

Can I use this on any device?2022-09-14T08:45:02-04:00

Yes. Android, iPhone, tablets, iPads, anything that downloads an app and has a camera. We do recommend for best performance that your device has an 8 mp or better camera.