Yes. It really is this easy. See below:

Grind Log Pro App

Grind Log Pro is EASIER and FASTER than anything you currently use to log beef grinds, and it is compliant with the USDA FSIS Grind Log Law. The only way to make this any easier is to come press the scan button for you! This was designed to do the work for you. One Click Live Barcode Scanning. One Click Save To Grind. One Click Clean Logs.

Speed Test and Compare Cost against anything you currently use to log grinds. Quit paying them to manually log grinds. Pay them to work for you.

PRICING: $364.00 / yr. Less than $1.00 a day for your entire meat department.

  • You don’t need documentation for this.
  • Works on any device.
  • One Click Live Barcode Scanner.
  • One Click Save to Grind.
  • One Click Clean Log

One Click Barcode Scanning

One Click Grind Log Save

One Click Clean Log Save